Wednesday, May 5, 2010


This is a Mysore style painting of Sri Satyanarayana. This painting is probably done in 1914. The artist has not signed. The size of the painting is 20"x24". Copyright of this image rests with Ramsons Kala Pratishtana, Mysore.

The central figure of Narayana dominates the painting. With a faint smile, he is seen holding Shankha (conch - Panchjanya) and Chakra (discuss - Sudarshana) in the top two hands while he holds a Gada (mace - Kaumodaki) and Kamala (lotus) in the lower two hands. His right chest is the abode of his consort Sri Lakshmi (shown as a small circular pendant on his right chest) which is called as Srivatsa. He wears a flowing Peetambara and a garland of lotuses. Observe the slender stylised fingers of Satyanarayana which strictly follows the idiom of Mysore style painting.

The main figure is flanked by two smaller figures of Narada (the one with a beard) and Tumburu (the one with a horse face)

A green solid background is typical to Mysore style paintings. The top has an arched canopy decorated with 24 lotuses.